Teenage Intricacy

Are we naive to think

The dreams we imagine will come true,

Or is our hope

The very thing that will fuel their being?


Only In My Dreams

Each day I look forward to the night that follows.

I look forward to the time when I close my eyes

And my heart opens.


When I finally get to see your smile,

Here your voice,

And hold you close.


But it is merely a delusion;

A lie from the heart.

Because the next day

When I see your face in the crowd

I don’t get to see your smile,

I don’t get to here your voice,

And I don’t get to hold you close.


We pass one another

Like we are the strangers we were before we met.


But each night,

I get to relive what we used to be.

The feelings all come rushing back

From the place were they ran to.


But its not reality.

My reality is what I wish to escape

And travel to my dreams

And live their forever

Where we can be together.

Where reality isn’t.