My cold bedroom floor pulls me apart
As my mind unravels.
My spine aches from the solid wood
Yet it seems to comfort me.
The gray light burning in the clouds
Sneaks in around the shades pulled shut.
I listen to the freezing rain knocking on my window
Wondering if I should let it in;
Open myself up to the cold
And let it devour my already wasted soul,
Freezing in place my fate
That has been decided from the start.




Like a Sunday autumn frost,

You settle on my skin,

Your embrace sending chills up my spine.

We rock back and forth

Like the dial on a grand father clock

Lying on the hammock in your backyard,

The scratchy material itches my bare legs.

We look into each others eyes,

Whispering our hopes and dreams

Under the humming of cars in the distance.

The truth in your eyes

Promises those future aspirations would be spent together,

And my innocent freckled smile

Promises you my life,

Both of us


A world full of demons and monsters linger ahead,

Persisting a harsh world

Where two young lovers don’t stand a chance.

Things were stronger;

Fate was stronger

And if it wanted you apart,

That’s how it would be.

But even then

We would still sit, dreaming,

Watching clouds float by

Absorbing our feeble wishes.

Dragging them away from our horizon

To be lost in another sky.

And as the sun set,

We would still lie swaying in the warm summer breeze,

Begging the stars to align,

Asking for a single drop of lust

To hold our enlaced hands together