Mascara stained shirts

Blood shot eyes

I stare into the blank space

My eyes burning

No one understood

That it was too much

So I drifted off

In my own tears

Forgetting the stress

Forgetting the pain

The sanity I clutched so tightly,

My hands trembling


Kicking and screaming

My vision went blurry

Knocking out people as I went

When I smashed against the ground

Realizing I had hit the bottom

My vision cleared

And all I saw was the aftermath of ruble and glass

Beautiful friendships

Beautiful realities

All I had worked so hard for

Shattered through my blindness

I tried to put them back together

But the cuts were too deep

The mistakes too unforgiving

I guess it was bound to happen

I was a rubber band stretched to the max

Just waiting to snap

And that’s just what I did.