A Garden of Overgrown Emotion

You serve as the wrong type of inspiration.

Invoking pain,


And an intense kind of desperation.


You drew me in with your lonely, troubled mind.

I wished to change,


And release the darkness that was strongly confined.


I was hypnotized by your willingness for me;

To always be there,

That much I needed,

But the rest of you I couldn’t see.


Until my friends would break me from the haze;

My fate revealed

But only temporarily

Until you locked me back into your gaze.


I wonder if I’ll ever escape

Or if this will be my reality.

Is it a matter of strength

Or am I trapped to bare this brutality.


Deceiving looks,

Promising myself

Eventually, I will be okay.


Painful nights.

Followed by a sense

Of promising light that seems to quickly fade away.


Is this how it works,

Being in love?

Or is our garden overgrown.


Is it game of intensified emotions

That consumes its players?

Or is this relationship overblown.


Is the downfall worth the gain?

Is the passion worth the pain?

I would miss you.


Is this really how it’s played?

Does true love cut like a blade?

I can push through.

But yet again,

I have changed.

A pleasant girl

Now deranged

His darkness


Her aspirations



put second-place

To the one thing

She wished not to lose,

When he’s the one thing

That she should.




They beckoned me from across the room.

Their crystal blue clarity

Seemed to frown,

Seemed to call for help,

The radiance burnt out

From the loss of his innocence.

Those eyes

Had seen things,

Unwillingly burned into his mind.

Through just one glance,

I seemed to know this boy’s pain;

His longing for escape.

Those eyes held a window

Into his barren, ransacked soul

Pleading for love;

Pleading for someone

who would understand.

Little did I know,

I was that someone.

The girl who would lend him a hand

And lift him off the ground,

The girl who would provide the escape

He so wished for,

The girl who would fuel the radiance

back into his eyes,

The girl who would mend the broken window

That transparently revealed his soul.

I was the girl

Who would show him love.