Sweet Serenity

Millions of twinkling stars

Fill the otherwise empty sky

With dreams.

The milky way skirts the horizon,

Blanketing the mountains

That peak above the treeline.

The water is still,

And it mirrors the sky perfectly

But my dangling hand

Distorts the image with ripples.

I am alone.

The sky is the only friend that lies with me,

Absorbing the loudness of the still night.

During the day,

This lake carries dozens of

Vacationing couples,

Eager fishermen,

Playing children,

And relaxing parents.

But at night,

They all flee to the confines of their camps;

The dark water

And cold air

Scaring away their fun.

But here I am,

Swimming in tranquility

That I could never find in the heat of day.

Straight above me,

A star darts across the sky,

Leaving a trail of sparkling dust in its path

That vanishes seconds later.

I look around me

Into the darkness settling over the lake

To find no one.

The shooting star was just for me.

And as I close my eyes

And listen to the sound of sweet serenity,

I realize

These are the moments we live for.


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