Trickling Radiance


As the sun slowly caresses the bottom of the sky, the waves chase the sand further up the beach. Each breath the ocean takes, the next becomes even bigger, engulfing more of the tight, rocky sand. The air is clogged with the aroma of salt and thick sea grass washed up from the last high tide’s furthest reach.  My feet dangle off the edge of my blue and yellow stripped towel, toying with the floury sand between my toes.  Your arms are wrapped around my bare waist, massaging my sun kissed skin with your sandy fingers.  We sit still, watching the sky make its final, colorful descent down the horizon until it dives unwillingly into the fathoms below. Splashes of yellow, orange, and pink blend through out the sky, blanketing the dark blue ocean. The radiance from the sun trickles down from the sky onto the ocean below. The waves crash methodically on the shore as we absorb our last rays of sun light before dusk.  The closer the salty water comes to our bare, sandy feet, the more I seem to drown unforgiving in your love.


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