In Her Eyes

No matter how hard I try

She will never be satisfied

Her razor sharp edges always seem to pierce me deeply

The way she stares deep into my soul like she knows every flaw

All the wrong I have done

All my mistakes


To her, I am never beautiful

The second she sees me, her face turns to a disgusted shade of green

The way her eyes scan my body makes me feel weak

As if she’s analyzing each imperfection


In her eyes, I am a translucent piece of plastic

She can see straight through me

And can break me apart almost effortlessly


She has never smiled at me

Only faces of disappointment and disgrace

Like I have let her down by not being good enough


I will never be as beautiful as the other girls she sees

No matter how hard I try, she will never accept me as I am


I try to out run her

Her words, her image

But she always turns up somewhere and reminds me of what I am trying to escape


When I look at my reflection

She looks back at me


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