Dark Blue Color of Night

Children’s laughter and playful screams echo off of the banks in the field, making the wide open space seem crowded. The kids race down the hill on their colorful plastic sleds to see who arrives at the other end of the field first. The expressions and smiles on their faces make me wish I hadn’t wasted all of my time their age wishing to be older. The only worries they have are what time their parents are going to call them back inside for bed.  None of the stresses or pressures of growing older have been thrown at them yet.

While the children continue to fly down the snow covered corn field, the sun begins to hind behind the valley below.  The upper rim peaks over a cluster of trees, keeping the field glowing before it reaches full darkness.  Above, the sky looks like a water color painting in a elementary school class room.  An array of oranges and pinks swarm together as the sky gets farther and farther away from the sun.  At the other end of the field, the moon waits patiently for the sun to finish it’s day and finally set.  It is surrounded by the last of the trail the sun is leaving behind; a mixture of light and dark purples meeting the dark blue color of the night making its way towards the field.

I am like the sun setting, taking in my last few moments of being free and glowing before this part of my life sets and a new phase will begin.  I would much rather leave it behind with a beautiful splash of color then have it be dull and gray because I let the clouds get in my way. It’s moments like this when I realize that I should grasp on to the rest of my youth and not let the dark blue color of night at the other end of the field stop me from enjoying the sun that I am in now.


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