Lesson Learned


Her tired eyes showed all her late nights staying up crying away any feelings that were left behind.  There wasn’t much left after he broke her heart, but she hung on tight to everything she had, afraid to lose it like she did him.

She was never the same after that night he told her about the other girl.  That was the night she discovered that the truth itself can lie, too.

She learned a hard lesson.  Life is far from that perfect fairy tale she read in story books as a young child.  It was more like a twisted nightmare that she would never wake up from.

The funny part is that if you asked her now if she could change it, she would say no.  All the sleepless nights, the pain, and the suffering; not a single thing would she change.

Why? Because he taught her not to jump when you don’t know where you are going to land.  Just when you think you are going to dive into that fairy tale, you could be plummeting into your own nightmare.


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