The Past

The past.  It has gone away and no longer exists.  There’s no way to take it back.  All that remains to show us that it has been here are the memories that are left behind.

If the past “no longer exists”, why do we spend so much time wishing to change it or wishing to go back to it?  It is no longer here, and unless someone invents a time machine, there is no way to take it back.

Instead of dwelling on the mistakes that are in the past, why not focus on the accomplishments that could come in the future.

Life is constantly pulling you forward.  So, if you are walking backwards watching all that you leave behind, the important things that lie in front of you, will be unseen until they are behind you, as well.

 Leave all your worries about your past, in the past.  They are gone now.  Look forward into what can happen next, and make it happen.



  1. This is beautiful I really get a visual when you write. I am surprised you are a teenager and writing such high quality writing pieces. I think you should write about the reason why you like to read, I would like to know what the reason is that made you want to write.

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