Have you ever found yourself in a situation at school or with some friends where you say something or do something that seems so out of character.  The minute it comes out of your mouth, you wish you could just suck it back in.  The second you cross that line, you wish you could just run back to the other side.

High school can do that to you, you know.  You get so caught up in what people want you to be and how they want you to act, that the real you gets pushed to the back of your mind like that old pair of converse under your bed.  They occasionally find their way out from underneath, get worn for a day or two, but then get criticized and shoved back under your bed again.

I have found that the struggle of letting your inner self out as a teenager comes from who you expose yourself to.  If you hang around with a ton of kids who are constantly gossiping about other people, you try to change yourself to make sure you are not one of those who are being gossiped about.  You feel it is the safer option.   But it’s not the right choice.

Yes, you may be saving yourself from the hurt of being made fun of, but you are also letting them win.  By holding your true self back and becoming a fake version of you, you’re not only lying to those who are around you, you are lying to yourself.

Why are you even friends with those people if they are constantly trying to subconsciously change you and ragging on others for being different?  The only reason they judge those who don’t fit in is because they secretly envy them for having the courage to march to the beat of their own drum.

What I am saying is, forget the gossipers who are just carbon copies of one another and take those old converse out from under your bed and wear them as if they were new again.  Who cares if they laugh and point at you.  Just take it as a form of flattery and move on.   And find those friends who accept you for you and aren’t afraid to wear their converse either.


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  1. Great advice, and thank you for this insightful post!! You are “wise beyond your years” as they say….more teens should read this!

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