Merry Go ‘Round

It’s almost routine;  This cycle of breaking up and getting back together.  For the past two years, I have been trapped in a merry go ’round.  That sick feeling I get whenever I see you may just be from all the spinning.  At least, that’s what I tell myself.

The more times it spins around, the more times I question how real this is.  Am I feeling love, or am I trying to find the easiest way to put the spinning to a halt.  Which ever it is, I’m always left standing in the cold, wishing to have you back.

Here I am, waiting for the inevitable.  Sitting in my room all alone, wishing I could just be with you.

This is the point where I meet a cross roads.  It happens every time.  The ride has slowed down just enough for me to jump off, leaving me with a few bruises. But it is also allowing me to stay on, and the spinning will speed up again soon.  The question is: Do I let it?



  1. Your “Merry Go ‘Round” piece tells the true meaning of heartbreak and the lesson of loss. It shows readers the real people go through when a relationship ends. I love articles like this it feels so real.

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