Definiton: self destruction; the act of killing oneself intentionally.
Or as I would like to call it, not the answer.

No matter how alone you feel in the world, no matter how hurt you may feel by others, and no matter how much you just want to escape, it is not the answer.

You may feel like no one cares. But someone always does. Even if its someone you don’t suspect. You just need to open yourself up to finding that person.

If you could talk to anyone who has committed suicide, they would all tell you how much they regret it.

Life is a very fragile gift, that only so many get to live to the fullest.

Just think of all of those with a terminal illness whose lives were cut short because of something they couldn’t even control. They would all tell you the same thing. Life is the best gift you can receive. Never give it away if you have the choice.

So the next time you are considering suicide, think of all those who didn’t have a choice, and live for them.


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