Shiny New Toy

That face.  It was enough to make my heart melt.

Those eyes.  They were so deep I could stare into them for hours with out looking away.

That smile.  It stunned me like a deer in the head lights.

All of that was mine until she came along.

How I got caught in your spell, I will never know.

You seemed so innocent.

I never thought you were capable of tearing my heart into a thousand pieces.

But, some how, you did.

I guess I could only be your shiny new toy for so long.

And at some point I was bound to get worn and old.

It was inevitable.

The only piece missing was your selfish need to have the finest.

So, once you discovered that there was someone better, you dropped me like a hot pan.

I guess I learned my lesson.

There will always be someone superior.

You just have to find that person who will except you and stick by you even when you’re out of date.



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